Family members need not apply


Yep, I'm a Mom. I know what my boys can and can't do...what they are and aren't good at...I can even read them before they even THINK of writing. So when I say they they're good at playing baseball, I'm being honest. They're not talented at football, lacrosse, tennis, pretty good at basketball, but they're really solid at baseball. Sure they've got areas to work on, but what kid doesn't at 13? So since the years of T-ball my husband and I have been investing in their baseball future. The motto has been "as long as you're having fun and learning the game, then we're all for it".

This was their first year of Babe Ruth baseball. The big field waits with new goals, new dreams, new excitement, and the same old dirty politics. Welcome back to the good ole boys club! Where talent doesn't count but who you know, who you are, and where you come from insures your spot on the team.

For starters I was amazed at the number of fathers, grandfathers, uncles and cousins pretending to play coach so their offspring and their friends could have the pick of places on the field. My boys got picked by a father/2-son coaching trio whose nephew/son/grandson was also playing. Needless to say (for several kids) it didn't matter how good their batting average, attitude, or lack of errors were; if you weren't coaches circle, you weren't playing.

Sure there were some players on that field that really shined and deserved to be there; but there were also quite a few that had horrible attitudes, made too many errors and still managed to play almost every inning in every game while others just as talented watched floundering from the dugout.

This season my boys learned nothing about the game and everything about the cold, hard, selfish world. It's such a shame at that age. We lost the championship and I blame it on the narrow-minded, self-interested, and self-regarding coaches that we have had to deal with all season. I guess that happens when you have your own agenda in mind. Karma is a "female dog", isn't it fellas'?

The season is over and soon we will start conditioning for fall baseball and JV, practice is pretty much year round with a couple of breaks in between. Next year we're going to do everything in our power NOT to play Parks and Recreational ball. As long as the commissioner allows relatives to coach their kids we don't stand a chance. To our coaches, commissioner, and politics of Frankfort baseballthanks for nothing

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