Goodwill Industries: Is It Really??


Does Goodwill really help the community, or does the employees just "help themselves"?

I think that is a question to ponder. On numerous occasions, I have been in the Goodwill store here in Frankfort,(I spent way too much time there shopping) and have been nosey and snooped at the doors to the back of the store. I was kind of shocked at what I saw. There were employees going through and sorting donations, but instead of putting them on the floor to sell, they were piling them up and sorting out what they wanted to take home for themselves!! Is that really fair, or is it theft? And I have also heard that what they can't take out with them right away is put out in the donation bins, and they will come back after closing and pick the stuff up! If we as citizens of the community can't just take what we want, why is it fair to let the employees have whatever they want?? Shouldn't they have to pay as well, or is that included in the "benefits" package??

I know that they have people on probation working there to serve "community service", unpaid individuals working off time for stupid, non violent, non drug related charges, but they DO NOT allow them to take anything out of the store. I guess you have to be a paid employee to do that. And on more than one occasion, I have heard the manager and other employees talking to these "criminals" (and I use that term loosely), like they are 2nd class citizens. Just because they have made mistakes that have lead them to have to serve "community service", DOES NOT give the management or employees the right to treat these people with such disrespect, to curse at, or make derogatory comments to. I have personally heard the comments "I can talk to you however I want to" or "I dont have to let you be here". Is this really a goodwill effort to help our community? And how many of the employees have been "criminals" prior to getting a job here? I bet they have done things in the past that they are not proud of. Isn't it supposed to be, "Do unto others as you would have done unto you"?

I have decided to NOT shop at this establishment anymore, due to the reasons listed above. I have sinced started traveling to Lawrenceburg Goodwill, which I might add, is much cleaner. They have a better selection, nicer staff, and so far, i havent heard any "rude" comments towards anyone.

This writing is just my personal opinion that I thought I would share with other citizens of the Frankfort community.

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