Obama is Stirring the Wrong Pot


I'm very concerned so-called President Obama is making an appeal to our children, many who have already been in school almost a month and those who are just starting their school year September 2nd this fall. Word in the media, he plans a media invasion into schools all over the nation, grades K - 12. A mass indoctrinization, asking students to write to themselves what they would/should do to help His Majesty's administration.


Copy and paste the above url in your browser, and read. And be forwarned.

Propaganda or not, our children, who are somewhat forced to attend publicly funded schools so we cannot afford to send them to schools of our choice, are a captivated audience, by a unionized education system and a president who 'leads' it all.

NO, NO, H*** NO!

Should I let my child attend so he will see and hear a man on a screen who has so many CZARS who are not accountable to anyone but HIM and have a HIDDEN agenda, who are NOT CONFIRMED or accountable to CONGRESS.



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