Go Frankfort


Every day across America, families, friends and individuals generously come together to provide their talents to their communities. Active participation in volunteerism demonstrates to the world our real and committed belief that today is the day we have a chance to do something good for our community and ourselves.

Every one of us is a part of something bigger. We can be better working and acting together, this is the reason we come together for GO FRANKFORT!!!!

Go Frankfort is our day of community action in the Capital City. This November 14th, citizens of this great community will come together as one to take action to help local charities and provide labor for community projects in the Downtown Area.

Be A Part of Community, Step Up Today as a Sponsor or Volunteer and Go Frankfort!!!

Go Frankfort
November 14th from 8:00AM - 3:00PM

Kick Off at First United Methodist Church
211 Washington Street
Frankfort, KY 40601

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