Southern Cherokee Nation of Kentucky is ALIVE!!!


The Southern Cherokee Nation of Kentucky (SCN) has been very active over the last several months. In keeping with true Cherokee tradition, our Fall Harvest was held over the weekend of October 16th, 17th, and 18th. There were many ceremonies including brother/sister ceremonies, "naming" ceremonies, and even a Cherokee wedding. Our Holy men were present to play the drums and sang in Cherokee; many of these Native songs are lost even to other Cherokees but we are keeping the alive and sacred.
The month of November is Native American Heritage Month in Kentucky and the SCN joins with all our Native and non-native brothers and sisters to celebrate the diverse cultures of Native Americans and the many contributions they have made to the Commonwealth.
In the city of Henderson, home of the Tribal Headquarters of the SCN, there is a display of Native American artifacts purported to be the best in the state. This will be open to the public for viewing bewteen 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM at "The Depot" in down town Henderson. Also, there will be authentic Cherokee "fry bread" for sampling and it is delicious!!! Our own Principal Chief, Michael "Manfox" Buley will be oin hand to explain the displays and answer questions about our culture and Nation.

Submitted by:
David L. Fallis, Vice-Chief and Senator
Southern Cherokee Nation of Kentucky

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