On December 16, 2009 at 6pm, there will be a public forum at Paul Sawyer Public Library to address the closure of the West Side Post Office/Convience Center.

The initial reason for the potential closing was an increase in rent. That reason is no longer an issue, but the "powers to be" would still like to close this location despite the fact that it generates considerable revenue.

If this location closes, anyone who rents a PO Box will then be forced to the main location on Wilkinson Blvd or find other options. If they decide to keep the boxes only open, those persons will still be forced to go to the main location for any postage due, certified mail or any other postal transactions. Businesses will be forced to waste stationary and shoulder an expense to update information in order to reflect this change should boxes not be available.

Granted the location is cramped for parking, but would you rather drive across the river to the main location? The Postal Service is trying to keep this information from the public. No public outcry, no problems with this closure.

So mark your calendars now to attend this forum to voice your opposition, otherwise, don't complain if the location closes.

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