fpb threatens peaceful protest


Why does fpb threaten us with bringing baseball bats to a peaceful protest? (see Posted by RobertF December 30, 2009
From Mr. Higginbotham:

I will be bringing a baseball bat to the protest.)
Could it be that they want to hide the fact that most new digital T.V.'s do not have a QAM converter? Most likely even if you buy a new digital T.V. you will still have to rent a box.
Mothers do you want to enslave your Children and your Childrens Children to these boxes?
Starting on January 4th at noon we can stage a peaceful protest at the headquarters of FPB (317 W second Street).It will be small at first but if we meet every monday at noon it will continue to grow until the truth comes out.
Are we going to let the threat of violence stop our peaceful protest? You decide.

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