Gatewood/Riley are currently creating an Economic Plan for Kentucky. We have solicited the best economic, marketing, business development minds in the Commonwealth as too effect real economic change. Our focus will be to provide jobs and opportunities to the people of Kentucky. Stay tuned for our "Kentucky Prosperity" to be published soon.

In 1991, we spent 68 % of our budget on education. Today, we spend 59%. We must recommit money to prepare our students for the job market. Our plan is called the "Commonwealth Incentive".

I believe that each high school graduate should get a $5000 voucher for books, tuition and fees to any institution within Kentucky that can train them for employment, whether it be college, vocational school or workplace training. This is not a bank account and can not be spent on pizza, rent or beer. It is solely for the direct educational expenses meant to further train all of our graduates for future employment and gives them 10 years to use it. It is a very precise stimulus for education and employment.

We must get out of the narrow consideration of higher education for some of our children and expand it to consider further education for all of them. Our C and D students deserve the opportunity be trained into employability also.

This plan should inspire lots of students in many poorer counties to consider efforts to continue their education after high school and it should attract many vocational schools and worker training programs to locate in Kentucky because it would be a target-rich environment for students to train, especially for new and emerging industries. Their books, tuition and fees are covered. This will also be a big economic break for every parent with school age children.

This is an economic/education stimulus package which will create jobs throughout the state and the beauty of it is that the money is only spent after each of the students themselves makes an internal commitment to train for employability. This is not money spent on some big building which may or may not attract students. It is a specific expenditure with immediate benefits and it all gets spent in Kentucky where taxes collected from the expenditures get returned to the state in the form of taxes.

Kentucky must consider new methods of training our workforce and creating new jobs. This program achieves both aims and we MUST afford the cost or continue our status of poverty and illiteracy.

Kentucky could become the energy capitol of the United States. Our coal and mineral reserves are well documented as bio-industrial development to be utilized as a fuel crops. Add that to our wind and water power and I believe we are a match for any other state. We would like to proceed as "green" as possible because we need to attract progressive new businesses who will demand same. That is why the next issue is so important.

The environment will forever be a top three issue in any intelligent political campaign. Ours is no different. We must be conscious of our impact on the earth. Therefore, whatever our industry or work, we must insist on reclaiming the land for future use and restoring the hills and streams to their natural state. Enforcement of current regulations and tax incentives to foster compliance are critical tools to protect our living space. Utilization of Kentucky's natural resources for the purpose of recreation, tourism, and education are key to fostering economic growth.

Casinos are a fact in our modern economy. We are losing lots of dollars to neighboring states who have "gaming" while we don't. I believe that the issue should be put to a vote by the People. If they turn it down, that ends it. If they approve, then the gaming sites have to be at the racetracks first, then other places if economically justified.

But here is where the Galbraith/Riley ticket truly differs from all the other candidates and hopefully earns your support. We believe that our Commonwealth should own the gaming enterprise (like the Native Americans own their own) and give the tracks a management contract to fatten their purses and make their tracks economically viable.

That way, instead of the $100-200 Million in taxes to Kentucky that our opponents are talking about, we would realize between $500 Million to a Billion Dollars in new money. Also, since the state would be setting the amount of return on each dollar spent by its patrons, we could be retuning more than the competing casinos in other states and entice their gamblers to our operations.

I was born in a small farming town in Central Kentucky in 1947. Our local economy depended a great deal on the tobacco crop, some corn, honey and walnuts and any other agricultural products our hard-working small farm owners could divest from the land. My nine-member family had a full one-acre garden where we grew a large part of our summer fare and callouses too. I have cut and housed tobacco and hay, worked on horse farms and in orchards as a migrant farm worker. I also owned a tractor company for 4 years. My lifelong dream has been to lift Kentucky into prosperity by returning to its land as the means of producing wealth. Our plan is to introduce to Kentucky Bio-Industrial Development. Particularly the Western portion of our state is ripe for this new industry. This is an industry that Kentucky can lead the world. I support Kentucky farmers in their effort to grow Hemp as an industrial/textile/fuel crop. That started out as a lonely position many years ago but now 5 Governors have agreed with me on returning it as a cash crop. Both Canada and China enjoy a multi billion-dollar Hemp industry each year, while Kentucky remains in the dark ages of agricultural development.

I will initiate the development of Bio-Industry as a collection of farmer's cooperatives for distillation and refinement on a localized level so as to spread the wealth as much as possible. This effort will include, research, education, distribution, market development and international trade and export. In the energy market of today, Kentucky's bio-fuel production could be notable and profitable.
Our farm economy should be as diverse as possible. Branding programs like Kentucky Pride have proven to be a positive step towards promoting the agricultural industry, but we need to expand our programs and markets. I would like to energetically pursue a program for organic production of ASH-Free beef. (No antibiotics, steroids or hormones). Tobacco is still an important income producer and we need to protect Kentucky's reputation as the best in the world. Our commitment is to remain agile and ready to take advantage of every available opportunity to advance Kentucky's farm economy. Our effort is to put our Farmers back to work for us. Everything agricultural truly is On The Table.

Click here for a copy of our brochure

Bio Industrial Development Council

There are many and they are complicated. Recently the United States has experienced a citizen's movement demanding a return of states sovereignty rights, fiscal responsibility and a return to American values. Most of us know these groups as "Tea Partiers". Their effort has focused primarily on the out of control spending and violation of those inalienable rights bestowed to Americans in our Constitution. No party is innocent whereas both the Republican and now the Democrat administration have spent trillions of dollars burdening our children and grandchildren with a lifetime debt. We often speak of the 2nd Amendment and our right as citizens to bear arms, - we both are gun owners. We are conservatives who believe in a limited government and place individual rights as a priority. We are state's rights advocates who are sworn against unfunded mandates from both federal and state government. We believe is fiscal conservatism, personal responsibility and private sector growth.
We are concerned that the current "stimulus" spending will mollify the people short-term but end up devaluing the dollar and creating no new jobs resulting in a continuing economic crisis. Our current Governor has accepted and spent "stimulus" monies, yet our unemployment rate has increased and the state budget remains grossly underfunded. Unemployment and Food Stamp benefits are at an all time high. We do not support socialized medicine. We do agree there needs to be sweeping health reform, and intend to work on health care for Kentucky by putting county health departments to work. We do not support the current Cap n Trade legislation being proposed. We are very concerned that the increase to energy bills as proposed in the Cap n Trade program will have a disproportionate effect on Kentuckians. We welcome the move towards clean energy and environmental strict standards. As Governor and Lt. Governor we hope to establish an improved working relationship with our current Washington delegation and serve as a constant reminder as to the expectations of the people of Kentucky.

Kentucky has a long and distinguished history of military service, from Fort Knox to Fort Campbell our sidewalks are filled with true-life heroes. In addition, the military facilities in Kentucky have contributed greatly to the overall economic development of Kentucky. In past years military mean and women have fought to ensure that our bases were left open retaining a much-valued tradition of service.

Marine Gatewood Galbriath....
Throughout childhood I was subject to bouts of asthma, which landed me in the hospital on many occasions. This continued throughout my teens and it resulted in my Draft Status for military service in 1966 as 4F, unfit for military service. I couldn't be drafted. I didn't have to serve.
But my patriotic senses were a call to duty that I could not ignore. I convinced two doctors that I had outgrown my asthma and they wrote letters that got me accepted into the United State Marine Corps in April of 1966. 5 weeks into basic training on Paris Island, I came into contact with a pocket of dust that triggered a major attack. I hit the deck unable to breathe and they carried me to the infirmary where the doctor immediately reconfirmed my status as 4F. I was devastated. For many years I was unable to express my status as a Marine because I felt I had let them down. Then the Colonel in charge of the young Marines called me out in public and informed me that any one whose shoe had voluntarily hit the asphalt on the Island at 2:30 in the morning forever deserved the privilege of calling themselves a Marine. Note: there are no ex-Marines. So I proudly claim the status of a Marine and feel a true empathy for all of our servicemen and servicewomen, and their families and loved ones. Semper Fi

Gatewood Galbraith and Dea Riley are truly Conservative people and candidates who understand that you CANNOT Tax a Population into Prosperity. The people, individuals and small business owners shoulder too much of Kentucky's tax burden, as it is and we believe and fully support relief. This is not a promise to cut taxes, but if we can, we will.
We do believe in Tax Reform (restructuring) specifically designed to ease the tax burden of Kentucky Small Business Owners (our bread and butter) for the purpose of increasing employment, revenue and general economic development. Our administration will offer tax- free incentives to business and entrepreneurs willing to invest in the development of our great Commonwealth.

This is most definitely a promise: WE WILL NOT RAISE ANY TAX. We pledge to utilize your tax dollars in a more efficient and honest manner than currently.

Wasteful spending, personal payback contracts with the state, cronyism and corruption cost Kentucky hundreds of millions of dollars each year and that fact is now taking a terrible toll during these critical financial times. Dea and I are committed to proving that our Commonwealth can prosper by letting the people keep what they earn and apply it to their own welfare and not the government's.

Recent newspaper and blog headlines throughout Kentucky have screamed about the out-of-control spending and corruption plaguing our government and pseudo-government agencies such as the Department of Transportation (Road Contractors), Lexington Library, the Bluegrass Airport, Kentucky Association of Counties (KACo) and the Kentucky League of Cities and now the office of Mining and Regulation. Strip clubs, outrageous meals and lodging expenditures, limo service, flagrant gifts and perksnothing seems too good for these government servants - all at the taxpayer's expense. Through it all our current administration made little or no effort to establish reform nor cared to make a public statement.

Folks, this is just the tip of the iceberg. In Frankfort, the backroom dealing and trades, payoffs and the quid pro quo are how our government has been operating for decades. There is a direct correlation between the corruption and the continuing decline of Kentucky.
In Kentucky government corruption is not Corruption with a capitol C - it has become a Culture.

We believe that the best cure for this Disease of Corruption is the antiseptic power of transparency. Let us all do what is right for the People and we will have nothing to hide. Is this Nave on our part? No. We must make it happen because look where the alternative has taken us. Our leaders currently have no reliable system of accountability and they are stealing from us accordingly.

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