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My Church, Capitol City Christian ,currently has a short term mission team in Haiti. Please pray for them. They are in northern Haiti and are O.K. for now. This Group includes Clinton Hall, the Children's Minster, Mandie Scott who co-leads a Small group Bible study on Monday nights and Doug Riddell a great guy in his 60's who has lead this group to Haiti for a long time, along with others.
Pat day spoke at a fundraiser for this mission trip last month.
Here is a facebook quote from Clinton posted moments ago"

Clinton Hall
We are in a rich French businessman house for the moment. We slept outside not wanting to be in any structure. The aftershocks went all night. They were very strong. We are on the south coast right below p-a-p. We have no way to travel as all the mountain roads are closed. We are hoping to try to charter a flight at some point. Me, dad, Jordan, ... See Morechris weeks, Bobby Scott, Kyle scott, Danyelle and Christian kincaid, and Ben are in jacmel. Mandie, julie, doug, Jason and Andrew are in fonds Parisian and we have not heard from them. I was able to call my mom and she said someone had heard from them so we are hoping they are ok.
24 minutes ago"

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