Hello, my name is Joshua Owens. I am forming a neighborhood watch for: Evergreen Road, Coolbrook, Edgewood, Evergreen Estates, and Cardwell Lane (up to about Michael C. Davenport)

I have heard many concerns recently about the level of crime and vandalism in this area and I intend to do something about it. I am not quite sure who we will be dealing with law-enforcement wise. I have contacted my cousin, (Officer Napier) to inquire about with who we will be working. I will keep you posted on that.

But I need your help. Even if you cannot attend the meetings, we need you on the phone tree to dish out info in a timely manner. Together, we can improve our area.

I know how funny some people are about their privacy. That being said, I will just put my info down here, and you can contact me directly.

Joshua Owens
217 Brookfield Drive (Coolbrook Subdivision)

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