Pat Melton and City Commission and Yard Signs


Good lord, it looks very bad for the incumbent sheriff, Melton has yard signs everywhere. Its a big level of support I haven't seen in a long time.

This is what I've been preaching for a year. Run the incumbents out of here.

Now that we see he and is team are working hard, lets help our city commission candidates run the current crop out of office. Somehow Melton is getting many many supporters to put out yard signs showing their support. Let's take that same drive to vote out our city commissioners (except Wilder).

Show your support for these new candidates for office, call them and ask for yard signs, make the incumbent city commissioners know they are at the end of OUR rope. The best way is to go public with your support.

Yard signs might be bad to some people but I love them. They are showing people who are involved and care about our political process. We are tired of voting in the same people over and over again.

Do something public to show your support for the candidates you like. Whether its Michael Turner, Ms. Hedden, Sellus Wilder, Pat Melton or Derrick Napier. Lets change the landscape by helping these people get into office.

Lets harness the amazing energy of the Melton Campaign and share it with our young city commission candidates.

Help me help these young people get into office and lets get these perrenial incumbents out of OUR way to improve OUR community

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  • Don't let the yard signs fool you. Pat Melton has lots of campaign money with the help of JULIAN CARROLL, OUR SENATOR.

    The non displays of yard signs are voters who remain silent.

    The word is Pat Melto and Ticker have made a pac, u scratch mine, I do same, we eleminate both challegers.

    Are voters that unaware?  YES!

    The primary is a long way off,