U.S. Rep. Ben Chandler isn't taking phone calls on perhaps the most important vote in many people's lifetime.

He didn't have any public meetings on health care reform, hasn't returned any calls made to him by anyone I know, and now his voice mailbox is full so you can't even leave a message for him. What the heck is he doing for us in Washington anyway? Very little in my estimation.

I am a registered Democrat and I hold dear the principles of providing beneficial standards of living for all Americans. I do not agree with Chandler's opposition to the President's health care proposals - I think it's bad for Kentuckians with no health care and bad for the rest of us who have to pay for everyone's heath care ultimately.

I think Chandler is a Republican in Democrat's clothing and needs to be replaced as my/our representative in Congress. If he can't take or return my calls or show his face in public on important public policy issues, I won't be voting for him again.

Yellow Dog

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