EMS Baseball Applebees Fundraiser


EMS Baseball will be doing 2 Dine-To-Donate Fundraising Events with Applebee's! Our first date will be March 22nd and the second date will be April 17th. Elkhorn Baseball will receive 10% of their total bill as long as they attach a flyer when they pay.

Please print the image(can be done in black and white / can be reduced) and hand out to our supporters {can be e-mailed to our supporters/Facebook/Twitter, etc.}. Remember these cannot be handed out at the restaurant. Also, a flyer needs to be submitted with each paid check/tab as this is the way we track your sales. The event will take place all day on those 2 dates and includes their carry out service as well.

Please send out to everyone you know so we can make this a successful event!

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