Small Businesses Turned Away in E. Kentucky


While planning a relocation of my business , a sign and print shop that specializes in interactive media and web design, I found it very interesting how unreceptive some communities are to new businesses. With the current climate and economy it seems cities like Stanton Kentucky would be tripping over themselves to have a new source of employment and income into their community. It's a shame how little a dieing community values new business and jobs. I know it will sound like a contradiction but I found Frankfort more out going and willing to help me relocate to Frankfort. Even with all the printing and marketing businesses in the area everyone in Frankfort knows for the community to grow, new business is a must. Our print shop is internet based so really no office is required and our servers being located offshore really removes us from even being listed as a business in whatever town we work from but we do it anyway. So why would a dieing community make it so hard for a business to operate? Politics. Not just plain politics but bias politics of a few who wish to not loose their choke hold on the local economy. This type of thinking has killed most all small towns in Kentucky, their inability to allow competition in with open arms. As soon as my business LIC expires in Stanton Kentucky Sotastic will be relocating to Frankfort Kentucky. This only because the politics in Frankfort demand growth of the community. Of course the city commission is still over restrictive but a gentleman's club will come to town once they see the economic genie it is. This is more a thank you to Frankfort for being business friendly.

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