Business discussed @ last meeting. April 29th at Evergreen Road Firehouse. 6:00 PM.

*Had an excellent turnout. 21 adults, 8 kids. We also had a few drop ins.

*Discussed a seperate program for children. We had at least 8 by a member's count.

*Discussed the role of block captains.

*Q&A with Napier, Hockensmith, and Curtsinger. Thank you guys.

*Set up a steering committee to determine future direction of group.

*Ordered neighborhood watch signs. The KCPC (Kentucky Crime Prevention Coalition) tells me they should be delivered in two weeks.

* Linked group to Constable's office for legitimacy.

* Incorporated with the state and county under Evergreen Road Neighborhood Watch Inc.
Board and members:

President Joshua Owens
Amanda Owens
Con. Floyd Hockensmith (law enforcement liason)

*Working on getting a tax # with the state.

Next meeting will be determined by the steering committee at a small meeting sometime this week.

Joshua Owens
Evergreen Road NW Coordinator
(502) 545-8841

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