From the Conway for 5th District Magistrate


Dear Voters,

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support and vote. We ran a clean race, no one ever heard that I said one false thing about my friend Mr. Wells. I apprived sharply at 6:00pm, and waited for about 2 hours and I lost by 525 votes. I won 700+ votes, and before I run again, I will have to sit and think about what I can do differently.

I couldn't have done this without my supporters. Thank you for my supporters. I've met so many people while I've been knocking on doors. In the end, the voters have spoken, and they chose the better candidate. I respect them for that.

I'd like to thank for Mr. Wells. Thank you for running a clean campaign. I refused when I started this thing to a negative campaign. That's not the values that I hold. I believe we did very well.

Fianlly, I'd like to thank my daughter. She walked door to door with me to help her father run for office. That precious little girl has been a blessing in my life and I'll never forget her help.

Whoever else I didn't mention, I want you to know you're not forgotten, and I really appreciate your support. Thank everyone again.

Matthew J. Conway

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