Local Voters: Shut out at the polls


I know of at least 6 (so I am sure there are more) registered voters, who went to the polls today and could not vote.

One voter has lived in Frankfort her entire life, and had voted in every election since 1971, when she went to her precinct this morning she was told they "had no record of her EVER being registered to vote in Franklin County".

Two voters, a husband and wife, who moved back to Frankfort in Dec of 08' after the last general election (they did this so they could vote prior to moving); who had changed licenses (on different days mind you), filled out voter registration (on the same day they change licences), received their precinct notification cards in the mail (just 2 days apart) some months earlier, went to vote and were told they were still registered to vote in Fayette County.

I was present when 3 more people called in to complain about similar scenarios,...

Here was the "fix"...

Each voter had to go to the new "temporary" courthouse on the West end of town. They had to receive a court order signed by a judge. The judge then swore the voter to the facts in the order. The voter had to hand carry that order to the Circuit Clerks office, have it stamped and entered. Then the voter had to drive the order to the County Clerk's Annex downtown, and have that order again stamped and entered into the county clerks records. The voter had to fill out a NEW change of address form (even if you lived in the same location for 20 years, you still had to list your prior address), you had to receive a "voters oath" card. You then had to hand carry those documents to your specified polling place. At that point you would be "added" to the rolls for that precinct, sworn again (on the oath card) and THEN you got to vote.

One voter started this process at 6am, and was done at 9:45am

Originally I was told that the Circuit Clerks office was to "blame" for the "loss" of the voter registration information,.... but that does not hold water to me. If you renew your license, fill our your voter registration card, receive the precinct notification card in the mail advising you of your specific polling place,....then it seems to me the Circuit clerk did their job.

Somewhere further down the line is where this issue is occurring,...

I know many of the people in the circuit clerks office, and the district judges offices themselves. I have seem them at work, and Sally Jump and her deputy clerks run a tight ship. Sure mistakes happen,.........but a mistake like this? on what looks to be like an expanding scale, I doubt it.

Can anyone hear the wheels of recount and injunction coming?.......


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