Time for city employees to ban together


The latest idea from the new city human resources director is a change in city employee healthcare coverage. Employees will pay more for coverage, have higher deductibles, copays, maximum out of pocket expenses, plus a drop to 95% hospital coverage. This could potentially cost an employee thousands. A health issue requiring several days in the hospital and say a $150,00 bill, the employee would cover the deductible of $300 plus 5%, or $7500. This after removing longevity pay, no cost of living raises, cuts in manpower and equipment. What is next? All set in motion by a man already receiving a state retirement and I'm sure state insurance. Not to mention the $10,000 raise he got before starting since he was over qualified for the job. He also wrote the new city ordinance that reclassifies his job 7 pay grades higher, a potential 21% pay increase, along with several department directors also getting reclassified at higher pay grades ranging from 7 to 17. According to the city pay grade system, each pay grade can equal a 3% pay increase. How nice that the employees get nothing but raises are apparently being snuck in by the new human resource director, I guess its his way of saying thanks for the $10k. I thinks its time for the people of Frankfort, citizens and employees, to start holding these people accountable. We need to remove Carter and Williams first in November, followed by Massey, Graham, and Donahue. All of this is a result of the commissions idea a few years ago to put $12 million into the public safety facility which they cannot pay for. The employees are being held responsible the commissions bad decisions and paying for the new building at the expense of raises, longevity pay and higher health insurance. The citizens of Frankfort are also paying by a reduction in services by the way of manpower cuts of about 10% on fire and police protection. We have less police to respond, but a nicer building for the supervisors to sit in. Once dedicated employees have no incentive to stay here and qualified people will look elsewhere for job openings. They are creating a snowball effect that could hurt the city for years. Please let your voice be heard on this by showing up to commission meetings or calling the commissioners.

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