The 5th meeting of the ERNW was a great one, with good info from Mr. Todd Moore, Franklin Co. Animal Control officer. He passed out a printout of the KSR's and county ordinances regarding animal laws. I have a few more left over if anyone has an animal question, I will be glad to make you a copy. I hope to have them scanned to the Facebook group sometime next week.

We had a robbery over on Sheep Pen on May 27th in the PM.

Details follow:

*Suspect posed as a cleaning lady.

*Suspect entered residence and concealed the victim's wallet.

*Suspect continued towards the front door, entering a gold-tinged Ford Taurus (?) and fleeing the scene.

*Suspect got away with over $500 in cash and victim's credit and debit cards.

*Suspect had scraggly blonde hair, slim build, young, possibly mid-30's.

* I own a black Taurus, and I happen to know gold is NOT a popular color for this vehicle.

*Suspect dropped a phone # at the residence. I have access to this # if anyone from the Sheriff's dept asks.

Be on the lookout and if you see someone soliciting cleaning services, ask to see their business license and call dispatch. The # is 875-8582. This has been reported to KSP as of that evening, but I am unsure of whether he imformed the Sheriff's Dept. I advised the victim to contact them and file a police report so he would not be liable for any charges made to his cards.

Joshua Owens
Evergreen Road Neighborhood Watch Coordinator
(502) 545-8841

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