Child Assaulted And Robbed


My 9 year old son was enjoying the begining of his Summer Vacation last week by riding his bycicle through Silverlake 2, where he has lived since he was born. During the course of his ride he encountered 3 teenage boys walking. One of these boys yelled "hey kid, nice bike.". My son said thank you and continued on his way. At this point the three teenagers began running beside of him when one of them shoved him off of his bike on to the ground. All three then kicked him in the chest and legs while he was laying helpless, removed his shoes, and ran off with his bycicle and his shoes. Needless to say he was traumatized, and called me in tears. All of this occurred at 4:00 pm in what I had previously thought was a nice subdivision. Two of the boys were wearing FCHS t-shirts and according to my son he judged their age to be about 14-15 years old. If anyone saw anything, or could assist us in any way it would be greatly appreciated. I could care less about the bicycle or the shoes. The brazen assault by three teenage boys upon a child is a different story. He lost so much more then his bike and shoes. He lost the belief that he was safe to play in the only place he has ever called home. If these punks would attack a small child in broad daylight, then they are capable of much worse.

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