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Frankfort police are investigating a case in which an unidentified black female was found dead in a truck today.

The woman was found inside a white Chevrolet Silverado extended cab at the parking lot near Harrod Brothers Funeral Home on Washington Street and First Presbyterian Church on West Main Street.
Maj. Fred Deaton identified the woman as a black female. Police declined to release her name, nor would they specify the cause of death.
But Lori Lail, who lives in a home on Long Lane about 50 yards from the truck, said she noticed it parked there since Friday.
Lail said she and David Parrish, who was painting a nearby home, walked up to the truck around 7:15 a.m. today. Lail said she saw two bullet holes " one in the truck's front driver's side and another in the rear driver's side windows.
"I said, "Can you walk up to the truck with me because it looks like it has bullet holes in it,'" Lail told The State Journal today. "He (Parrish) said, "Sure, I'll walk up there with you.'
"So he walked up there, and I kind of stayed back a little ways, and he went to the truck and peeked in and said, "Yeah, there's somebody in there.'"
Parrish told The State Journal he didn't see blood or bullet wounds when he looked inside. He said he saw a person slumped over in the front driver's seat, walked away and called 911.
"I didn't take very much time to look at it," Parrish said with a paintbrush in hand. He said the female wore a T-shirt and pants.
Police blocked off the parking lot with yellow tape around 7:30 a.m. Several law enforcement officials wore gas masks, which covered their noses and mouths, as they photographed the truck and collected evidence.
Lail, who noted the vehicle had Franklin County plates, said she didn't think anything of the parked truck until this morning.
" When we come through Friday, we just thought it was an abandoned vehicle," Lail said.
"I was shocked because I thought it was just an abandoned vehicle, even though there were bullet holes in the windows," Lail continued later. "I thought maybe somebody just had a run-in or something and abandoned the vehicle and left."

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