Volunteers needed for FCHS Cats and Dogs


The Franklin County Humane Society has been evacuated due to drainage problems and we are needing volunteers to assist with the care of the cats and dogs.

The cats are located at the Civic Center (back dock off of St. Clair Street/Clinton St.). It is open from 7:30-4:30 and I will be there after 4:30 for those who can come after work. Please call me (Holly VanMeter) at 502-319-0866.

The dogs are located at the Lakeview Park Farm Bureau pavillion. Staff and volunteers will be available from 8:00-5:00. Please call 226-0636 to schedule a time to volunteer.

As of right now, the schedule is for all the animals to be at the above designated locations until Friday (4/29/11) in order for the weather to subside and for the shelter to be cleaned. Anyone who would like to let us borrow a power washer please contact the shelter at 502-875-7297.

We are needing supplies also to help with the care of the animals. Please call the above numbers to see what is needed at this time.

Thank you!!!

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