ALABAMA DEVASTATION by Frankfort transplants...


These comments about yesterday's tornado outbreak from family friends in Athens Alabama. Jo Stevenson is originally from Frankfort -

DEVASTATING! Entire houses gone just down the street from us. All kinds of missing animals, cows, goats, dogs, etc... No missing people here however, we do have life losses. We were in the right place at the wrong time.I watched the doghouse lift about 20 feet in the air, separate and then the top half flew over the fence and the bottom went the other way, back porch table destroyed when lifted straight up in the air, out of sight, and then deposited on the adjacent propertywatched trampolines and sheds and what-not lifting up and flying with the greatest of ease. I then quickly ran to the safe spot as the house shook and we heard the ominous train pass over the top of us. WOW what a trip. The most surreal event took place after the initial excitement and rush of surviving unscathed the wrath of mom.constant raining of debris from other people's homesshingles, tar paper, insulation, scraps of paper with anonymous writing, mail with addresses from over a mile away. There is a fairly constant barrage of people traveling the neighborhoods in hopes of finding the lost and bewildered family pet. I walked down the street right after the tornados passing and there was a bird on the ground with all it's feathers ruffled out and just squawking like there was no tomorrow.She was obviously tossed furiously by the tornado and dumped in the frontyard of a neighbor. She recovered not long afterward and flew away but my walk would reveal far worse devastation. I spent a while in the rain helping to remove trees blocking the roads so folks could get to their homes, of course after removing the tree to view revealed not many homes to return to. Very sad day, to hear people's despair in all it's rawness, the scream of a woman, "It's gone! It's all gone" All this happened while a majority of people were at workabout 3 p.m. What an experienceone that certainly won't be forgotten.
Bo and Jo Stevenson

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