The Racist Roots of Birtherism...


or, so THIS is what the Republican Party has been reduced to.

A recent poll indicated that 46% of people who call themselves Republicans think that our President Obama was not born on American soil, and therefore, is an illegitimate president. Another 22 percent of these same folks are not sure where he was born. That is nearly 70% of Republicans who do not know that our President was a fully vetted and duly qualified candidate that was elected to the highest office by a wide margin of Americans. We call these ignorant people "birthers".

But is all of this fuss really only about the mass ignorance of a group of folks who just happen to be nearly all white? Or is it about something that is much more coded, insidious and sinister, and that truly threatens the very foundation of our country? One thing is for certain, this whole birther thing would have never happened if President Obama was not half black.

The following video has Goldie Taylor, the contribution editor for, reviews her personal connection to racist history of demanding identification papers from blacks in America.

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