State Journal Spring Home and Garden Insert


I found it odd reading through the gardening insert that there are several instances of promoting "green", including manual mowers, technology, etc. etc, but when it got to "pests" on page 12, it lumps bees in with termintes, ants, and spiders. It even mentions that if a large bee is seen in the house, it may be a queen looking for a place to lay eggs. It then encourages the reader to "treat" the bees early to avoid problems.

My concern is this: Bees are facing serious issues and wild bees are now few and far between. We rely on bees to pollinate much of our foodstock. Killing bees on sight is not the answer. First, you won't see a queen on her own, scouting a place to live. When they do leave the hive and swarm, looking for new digs, they do just that. It's a swarm (at their most docile by the way) with the queen in the midst of the group. If you see a swarm, call the local extension office. Capital City Beekeepers keeps a list of people who would be more than happy to collect this swarm and rehouse them in hives away from your home. A bee swarm is a fascinating thing to observe, and should be viewed as a beneficial wonder of nature.

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