Disrespect and disregard for State Workers' Needs


I just read the news regarding the continued furloughs, and it confirmed my belief that the fat cats in the capitol are out of touch with reality. Though we're now sitting on an admitted $70 Million surplus, and God only knows how much more is squirreled away in special fund cubby holes, our beloved Governor has decreed that we will continue to be furloughed. Our healtcare costs rise, food is skyrocketing, gas prices are outrageous, yet we're expected to tighten our belts while they have free rein to spend with impunity. The legislature collects thousands upon thousands of dollars for sitting upon their hands while the heart's blood of the people, the rank and file employee, is poured upon the ground unstaunched. Homes are being lost, workers, even with their state insurance, have trouble paying their medical bills, the children of state employees are suffering, while the legislature and the Governor fiddle by the firelight. And our Governor states that if the surplus continues reinstating the days taken from us through furloughs will be one of the first things considered. Considered???!!!! No consideration should be required. We have borne the brundt, carried the weight long enough. Give us back our hours and curb your spending elsewhere. We have obligations of our own to keep.

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