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I guess people want to hear things like this, or why else would it be there? I really like sandwiches, they are good. Sometimes sandwiches are made with white bread, but sometimes they are made with wheat bread. Whatever kind of bread used is up to the person making the sandwich. There are some sanwiches that don't have any meat on them, for vegetarians you know, but I don't eat many of those. I usually go for a nice ham sandwich every now and then, and use white bread because I like it better than wheat bread. A lot of sandwiches have cheese on them, and I think cheese is good. Not all cheese, but I like most of them. Again, whatever kind of cheese you put on your sandwich is up to you. Colby cheese is pretty good, and so is American. Swiss cheese happens to be my favorite. A nice ham sandwich with swiss cheese is a really nice treat, it would also be good to serve at a tailgate party or some sort of relatable event. Sometimes sandwiches are paired with a side dish of some sort. Baked beans go well with sanwiches, or even a vegetable medly, but chips are usually the side of choice. During a hot day of tailgating, I think a ham and swiss with some crunchy chips is a very nice treat, definitely something I'd like to see on a table out there in the hot sun. There are several drinks one can serve with this delicious treat, but my personal favorite is a nice glass of ice cold sweet tea, that is a very refreshing drink. So go have your sandwiches, chips, and tea if you want something delicious while you're either tailgating or having a picnic in the park.

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