Consume, Conform, and Obey


Human society has been and is being dominated by a materialistic and apathetic way of life. We are constantly shown commerials and ads that encourage us to buy whatever new product is "hot" and that we need to get it before they're all sold out. Mass consumerism has all but destroyed our thinking ability and replaced it with being told what to do. If some type of new cell phone hits the market that does more than our old one, which we've had for a whole three months, we must have it. The new one has a bigger screen than the old one, and comes in more colors, which makes it something we can't live without. Guess what, three months later, and possibly sooner, another updated version will be put up for sale...a must have item. Now that we've got our phones, we have to make sure that its one that our friends have so we can have an even stronger connection. Your friends phone is black, and your's is blue, so it's time to change it, no matter how much it costs. Individuality is eroding away. No one wants to be an individual since conformity is so much easier and almost guarantees your acceptance by everyone else. It's more difficult to swim against the current than it is to lay back and be taken along with it. Individuality used to be embraced as a noble quality, now it is looked upon as an irritant to society. Just do what everyone else is doing and you'll be treated better, it's come to that. From a spectator's point of view, this type of "join the crowd" behavior is easier to see. Consume, conform, and obey if you want to succeed in today's society, a sad reality.

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