The open public comment period on the KY Dept Fish & Wildlife Resources' crane hunting season regulation begins July 1 and runs through August 1, 2011. Send written comments via postal mail to: KDFWR, Attn Rose Mack, US 60, Frankfort KY and/or send comments via email to:

The public hearing on the KY crane killing is scheduled to be conducted at KDFWR here in Frankfort on July 21, 2011 beginning at 9:00 a.m. Every individual who attends and wishes to give comments in person this day is permitted to do so.*

Sixteen KY conservation organizations have joined together to date to oppose the crane hunting. Visit the KY COALITION FOR SANDHILL CRANES for more details about the issue - and to sign up to receive email alerts.

*Local Frankfort area residents are encouraged to attend the July 21 public hearing and provide comments - many throughout the state/nation/world would like to attend in person on behalf of the cranes, but are unable to do so. Thank you.

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