Humane Society Turmoil: Tears of a Martyr


Hello Children,

This here is the second in a series detailing the ills what have befallen the capital city's Humane Society!

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I most certainly don't want nobody thinking I done forgot to praise another HERO instrumental in her efforts to make the Humane Society what it is today: God's own Animal Savior, former Humane Society Director DIANN WELLMAN!

It was with a heavy heart I done listened as Mrs. Wellman addressed the City Commission on August 08, and may the good Lord strike me dead if'n I lie when I tell you they wasn't nary a dry eye in the room!

But I don't think I ever cried harder than I did when Animal Savior Wellman done uttered the following:

"There is so much infighting on the board. They don't respect each other, and they don't respect any governing authority, down to their bylaws."

Children, I tell you ain't never before in human history has such bitter tears been wept than by us folks sitting in the audience that night!

Can you IMAGINE?!


Surely these are events unseen by ANY governing board EVER?!

Surely no organization can exist wherein its members engage in DEBATE and DISAGREEMENTS?!

Now as for that part about them not respecting "any governing authority, down to their bylaws", well just let it be said that there ain't a one of us here in Frankfort what needs any examples or PROOF!

Especially when we got Angel of Mercy, former Humane Society Board of Directors member JEANINE SLOAN there to present detailed, exhaustive evidence of an "impaired board"! []

How do we know this here board is impaired? Well, because Angel of Mercy Sloan done TOLD us so!

That's good enough for me!

And let me tell you, there wasn't never a better developed alternative to the Humane Society than that presented by Animal Savior Wellman!

"The city and county could end their contracts with the humane society and open a different animal control facility or shelter, Wellman said. The two governments provide roughly $100,000 annually to the shelter."

Right on the head, darlin!

Following Mrs. Wellman's advice is simple!

All Frankfort needs to do is:

1. cancel its contract with the Humane Society
2. spend an undetermined amount of money to convert an existing structure - or maybe build a new facility - capable of housing thousands of animals a year (figure somewhere in the neighborhood of 25,000 dollarsmaybe up to 2-million dollars)
3. provide for upkeep of said building
4. hire a shelter director at 40,000 dollars per year
5. hire staff of - let's say five people - at 20,000 dollars per year each
6. being city employees, they'd of course be eligible for benefits and whatnot at an extra - let's say 1,800 dollars per year each for a total of 10,800 dollars per year [ ]

So after an unknown initial investment of construction or renovation, staffing would run us right about 150,000 dollars per yearand we'll just worry about the utilities and upkeep when the time comes.

That's quite a bargain if you ask me!

"Wellman recommended that a national group, like the ASPCA, could help close the humane society, transporting pets elsewhere to avoid a mass euthanasia.

"They could, in essence, clean out the animals that are in the shelter right now to give the city, the county or whoever is running that a little bit of breathing room to basically start with a clean slate, start over, do some restructuring or whatever you feel you need to do,' she said."

Mrs. Wellman sure enough was on FIRE during this meeting!

Now I ain't quite sure what Animal Control is supposed to do with all them cats and dogs they pick up while this "restructuring" is going on, but I'd reckon other shelters around here would happily take them.

After all, ain't they got space to spare?

Children, I could go on and on singing the praises of Mrs. Wellman; but know ye now that the staff down at the animal shelter done feel the pain of her absencea gaping wound that can never heal!

If'n you don't believe me, just head on down there for yourself and watch them folks work!

Sure they might SEEM chipper; and maybe the office might SEEM more organized; and maybe everyone SEEMS to have moved on and forgotten all about her.

But don't you believe it!

The joy and hard-working determination she exhibited every day has left, and with it the very heart of the shelter!

Godspeed on your next deployment, Mrs. Wellman!


-Norma Jean

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