Family reunion


My husband grew up knowing little info about his father and over the years has tried to locate him. Mentioning this info to his co workers one says, I will find your dad for you. Within hours my husband was in contact with his biological father who lives in Washington state.
He discovers he has a sister and brother that he had no clue about. The sister lives in IL, the brother lives in CO. This all happened last week. They have all been communicating through phone calls, emails and Facebook.
Then this week they locate another older sister that lives in NJ. None of the siblings grew up knowing their father but want to have a relationship with each other.
On Labor Day weekend as far as we know all three siblings will be traveling to Frankfort to meet their brother, my husband for the first time. At this time we don't think their father will be able to attend due to his medical reasons and finances. Plans are still being worked out and hopefully the whole family can reunite.

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