old capital office building burned in 1926 or l927


I was born in Frankfort July 11, 1923. In 1926 we
lived in a red brick home next to the Capital Laundry on the corner of Lewis and Wilkinson streets directly across from the old capital buildings. One of my earliest memories is a fire that burned the top two floors of the old capital office building during the nighttime hours in 1927
as I watched it burn from our front windows. I have never been able in my adult life to find a record of this building destruction from the fire.
Could you check your paper's archives and see if
your paper has a news report of this historic fire? I left Frankfort when I enlisted in the
US Marine Corps in February 1943. I returned from over seas and discharged after the war in March
1946 at Eagle Mountain Marine Base in Fort Worth After the war I remained in Fort Worth, got my degree from Texas Christian University married a
Texas girl, raised a family of three boys and a girl. Carl James Mucci and I both graduated from the same Jesuit High School in Prairie du Chein,
Wisconsin, Class of 1941. As a matter of detail,
I recall I was still sleeping in a baby crib at the time of the fire, as I recall climbing over the rail to go view the burning buildidng from our front window.
Raymond T Barton
Fort Worth, TX

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