Opening Reception for Artist Joanna Pregon Friday


The Kentucky Coffeetree Cafe is hosting an opening reception for Joanna Pregon on Friday, September 23 from 5 to 8 pm. The show will highlight the artist's sketches.

Pregon states: "My creations are born from a sketch. I start thinking out loud on paper by drawing lines that I modify while working towards a balanced, fluid, and dynamic image.

Inspiration is everywhere, I love being in nature and am especially drawn to the rhythms and cycles of growth, fertility and change. I'm also intrigued by the unique and multi faceted individuals I meet.

It may take many revisions before I'm satisfied; each sketch starts as a concept that morphs into a final creation ready to serve as an invaluable guide in the painting process. Thank you for taking a glimpse into my world. I hope you enjoy viewing this show as much as I enjoyed creating it."

There is no admission fee; all are welcome.

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