Rebuild the American Dream House Party


We need to rebuild the American Dream, and now that we've formed the American Dream Contract together"it's time to take it into our communities to share it with key decision makers.If you want to read the American Dream Contract, you will find it here:

We know we have the resources in this country to create good jobs for millions of Americans if we implement the Contract.

But we can't accomplish anything until we come together"to strategize the best campaigns to get involved in locally or the best ones to start ourselves. Our path to develop a local campaign strategy begins with the Rebuild the Dream House Parties on the weekend of September 24 and 25. Our party will be held on September 24, beginning at 1 PM in a private home on Versailles Road. We'll gather there to train, discuss, and strategize. This house meeting and other house meetings nationally will launch a grassroots campaign effort across the nation to drive the American Dream movement forward on all levels: local, state, and national.

We're getting together to explore ideas about how we can work locally to generate support for the Contract for the American Dream, and learn how to create a strategic local campaign to restore the American Dream. Then we'll take action to make the economy work for everyone.

To register for this event go to the following URL and sign up:

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Hope to see you there!

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