Humane Society Turmoil: Fall from Grace


Hello children,

This here is the third installment in my series illustrating the evils what have infiltrated the Franklin County Humane Society.

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Looking back on the whole hot mess, it seems to me that this here whole ordeal done come to a head at the July 16 meeting of the Humane Society Board of Directors, a draft version of which you can find here: [ ]

Now, Angel of Mercy JEANINE SLOAN was kind enough to offer anyone what asked (via Facebook) free copies of the audio of the meeting; and while I hate to admit it, this here transcript is pretty faithful to her recording.

The day done started with a work session prior to the Board meeting, which apparently was unremarkable seeing as Jeanine didn't mention nothing about no controversy during the long session with her compatriots.

But Jeanine don't never allow an injustice to go unaddressed, and in the 10 minutes between the work session and the Board meeting she done uncovered some disturbing news:

Jeanine: "Now before we start the Board Meeting, it has been brought to my attention that one of our Board members is not a member in good standing. She has not paid her membership dues. It is TrudiHer membership expires June 30th' therefore she shouldn't be allowed to do any voting today because she is not in good standing with the Board."

Well, well, well. Looks like ole Trudi Johnston tried to get one over on the law-abiding folks of Frankfort, but Jeanine weren't having none of that!

Now it ought go without saying that Jeanine couldn't have brought up this here issue during the work session cause them other folks on the Board ain't nothing but a pack of hyenas and would likely have HURT HER FEELINGS!

They really are that EVIL!

Anyhow, she done PWND Trudi something awful:

Jeanine: "I have been doing the membership. I have the official list as of last night, you are not on it."

Jeanine, ever-vigilant in her pursuit of truth, justice and the American way, had done searched over that there list with a fine-tooth comb and found more shameful shenanigans afoot:

Jeanine: "Also, Stephanie has not paid her membership so she can be excluded from voting as well and I did not receive a single check from you."

Sweet merciful Heavens! TWO sitting Board members didn't never pay their dues?!

What are the odds?!

What an incredible coincidence that Jeanine - as the sole Membership Coordinator - was the one who done unearthed such deceit AND, as a Board member, was in a position to strip them charlatans of their voting rights!

Justice, thy name is Jeanine!

And don't none of y'all go and believe that nonsense that Trudi and Stephanie later presented canceled checks as "proof" they paid their dues!

Everybody knows it's child's play to forge canceled checks!

But leave it up to a rockabilly hipster in the guise of (now president) Gary Buchholz to try to obfuscate the issue:

Gary: "So you're the one checking the roster?"

Jeanine: "I checked it last night and updated it."

Gary: "And you're saying here we are in the middle of July and you're just now checking it?"


Now the fact that Jeanine done gone four months without checking them records might APPEAR like near-criminal negligence on her part, but in reality it was all part of a brilliant, well-executed test of Board credulity!

And now she springs the trap!

Jeanine: "You wanna know the truth? I knew they hadn't paid! I was waiting to see how long it would take."

Gary: "So they thought it was paid."

Jeanine: "Yeah."

It was all just a clever ruse!

Lord have mercy, but what is wrong with these people?! What sort of TOOL just ASSUMES that a Membership Coordinator will take their money and DEPOSIT it?!

I swanny! Some people just ain't got the sense God give a horse!

But it don't stop there!

Holly: "But this should have been discussed in the Work Session or Executive
Session, not here!"

Jeanine: "I didn't get this list until a minute before this meeting started, that's
what triggered this."

Now that there is downright AMAZING! Jeanine done got this here membership list containing HUNDREDS or THOUSANDS of names, looked over every bit of it, and seen that neither Trudi Johnston nor Stephanie Bramblett had paid their dues!

And she did all that in the TEN MINUTES between the work session and board meeting!

That there is INCREDIBLE multi-tasking!

Oh, and do y'all recall earlier in the meeting where she done said she found out about this here "discrepancy" the night before?

That was also just part of her cunning plan to ensnare unsuspecting credulous Board members!

Jeanine: "And besides this, it is 2 weeks after the deadline and it's just now being turned in for the membership. And because the vote is 3 to 2, you all do
not vote."

Praise Jesus that Jeanine was able to strip voting rights from two such GULLIBLE people!

But the truly beneficent Jeanine Sloane weren't done just yether best work has yet to come!

For that, you'll need to look for Part II later this week!

-Norma Jean

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