Humane Society Turmoil: From Trench to Trench


Hello Children,

This here is a fourth installment in the series illustrating the Franklin County Humane Society, let's look at the new President that's workin so hard down there.

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That glorious Gary "Robbie" Buchholz was appointed President and now has been accused of being little ol me. Well if you think we know each other then you are right as rain! We are tighter than a flea on a dog's bottom. Although he tickles my fancy I have to let everyone know that he's hitched to that darlin Robin who is the new Membership Coordinator down there. She's cuter than a pig in makeup.

Children, I'm beginning to wonder about everyone's mental status; I mean my enchantment with Robbie boy hasn't harmed anyone. Shoot, y'all can even check out the Facebook...both me and Robbie are friends...I ain't quite sure what his darlin wife thinks about that but what she don't know won't hurt her little heart at all.

Sounds like somebody's out to ruin Robbie's impeccable reputation as a honest, hard-working, humble servant of the animals and our nation! He might not have been a glowing example in our military but he surely was heaven-sent to us over here at the Humane Society, and only the Lord knows why he wasn't named President sooner. (them rumors of misappropriation of funds, defending members who hadn't paid and facing criminal charges, and improperly appointing someone to the board wasn't never proved!) Darlin you done tickled me something fierce with them deeds!

Darlin Robbie you sure enough are the most level-headed Frankfurter in all of Kentucky! So why do you let that Holly VanMeter child swoon all over you? How does she sleep at night when she is next to her husband? Mayhaps you gave him a shelter job to help settle up? Shame, shame. I know hon, I'm showing a little jealousy so forgive me at my age. I bet truth be known it was more about feeling sorry for that boy.

Them girls on that board have me worried about taking all your attention. How you suppose to look out for them there animals with those girls keepin your eye. That Stephanie Bramblet and you is a story to be hid. That lovin you givin her sure enough certainly implicates the entire board when you decided to keep her on as a director after taking a plea deal in that there criminal case, but hon, I am right there beside you on demanding everybody listen to you. I could go on and on singing your praises.

Robbie darlin don't you let them naysayers run you off by LIES and INNUENDO! Hon, I know I'm a bit older but you know you stole my heart way back when I taught your Sunday School class all about logical fallacies. Just remember this the next time you're about to break one of His commandments: What Would Jesus Do? I reckon I'll kneel down in prayer and ask Jesus to forgive me for givin myself to this hitched man.

Honeychild, maybe I'm just a bit slow, it happens at my age, but Sam Hill you and me will clean up this here Humane Society TOGETHER! That's my fairy tale, and don't you forget it!

-Ms. Hatfield-McCoy, if ya nasty

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