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Chapter 1

This Blog has been started in an attempt to rectify the false statements and innuendos concerning the ongoing controversy surrounding the Franklin County Humane Society, its Board and their continual disregard for any sort of order and structure in its activities including, but not limited to its own By-Laws.

The primary source for disseminating this misinformation is a Blog written under the pseudonym of "Norma-Jean". Any "thinking" person who has seen this and its attempt to write as a Red-Neck wanna-be, should be righteously indignant by the manner and style in which this Blog is written. Trying to sway any reader to their way of thinking by using colloquial English and making derogatory references to those who might disagree with them by referring to them as "Hippies" or "Socialist Liberal" or, my personal favorite "Obama-bots". Seriously, what is this, second grade?

And then to state that their information is "airing the FACTS"? Twisting the facts might be closer to the truth.

What we hope to resolve in this Blog, is the truth of the seriousness of this situation and the fact that even when provided with documented facts, the majority of our elected officials who use approximately $100,000.00 of our taxpayer dollars each year to pay for animal services to the Franklin County Humane Society, fail to think it is their responsibility to investigate why this private organization continually remains in crisis and has done so for over 20 years. The City and County have recently filled the 2 Ex-Officio (non-voting) seats on the FCHS Board allocated to them for oversight of how this organization operates or fails to operate in a professional manner. The City's representative is Darren Rambo, the Emergency Management Director. The County representative is Mike Nolin. It should be up to us as voters in Frankfort and Franklin County to closely monitor their reports and to ask about what their findings may reveal.

But let's start at the beginning. Perhaps the simplest thing to do is to define the term Board of Directors. Definition: The governing body (called the board) of an incorporated firm or non-profit organization. Its members (directors) are elected normally, by the subscribers, stockholders, members of the body at an annual meeting. The board has the ultimate decision-making authority and, in general, is empowered to (1) set the organization's policies, objectives and overall direction; (2) adopt by-laws; (3) name members of advisory, executive, finance and other committees; (4) hire, monitor, evaluate and fire the Executive Director and others and perform such other duties as may be outlined within its by-laws. _Though all of its members may not be involved in the day to day operation , the entire Board is liable (under the doctrine of collective responsibility) for the consequences of the organizations policies, actions and failures to act. *1
*1 - Definition provided by "Business
After reading this definition, any thinking person would have the right to expect that the Board of the Franklin County Humane Society would be able to conduct business in a professional manner to facilitate the efficient operation of the Shelter in accordance with what would be expected of any such organization.

However, as we've seen, read and heard, this has been far from the case, with shouting matches among Board members at meetings resulting in nothing being accomplished. Although they just recently named a new President the previous President of the Board made statements to the media that "I'm not their mother, I'm not going to tell them how to act!" Then why are you President? Isn't that part of your responsibility? Apparently not!

Furthermore, the By-law of this organization state that there must be a quorum in order for it to be able to conduct business yet with only 4 active members out of a possible 11 for a full Board; one of whom should be under suspension pending resolution of a misdemeanor (the dog-napping case), they have voted and passed decisions. (According to our County Attorney, this is a violation, so anyone has the right to file suit against them.). Perhaps had they seen fit to conduct business in a more professional manner in keeping with Robert's Rules and their own By-laws, they would have a sufficient number of Board members required to legally conduct the business of the organization. Instead, since the "Copper" incident in July of 2010 and the election of the new Board, a total of 9 board members have resigned in addition to the Shelter Executive Director, 2 Ex-Officio Board members appointed by the City and County, and 4 others in official capacities, for a total of 16 in a little over a year's time.

The Franklin County Humane Society is an organization in chaos, and one that cannot continue to operate without new direction and controls. For too long, it has been permitted to function without being held accountable for its actions either by its membership or the governmental bodies to whom it has been contracted to provide services. With the recent appointment by the City and County representatives to the Ex-Officio seats, perhaps the Board will cease it's lack of respect for any type of controlling authority and it's continually flaunting it's disregard for any type of control over their activities which began with the "Copper" issue.

Does this not send up a red flag that there are serious problems within this organization that need to be investigated? The purpose of this Blog will be to provide you with documentation of wrong-doing by the Board of the Franklin County Humane Society and, after giving you the facts and the proof to back up the claims, allowing you the opportunity, as an intelligent, thinking individual, to make your own decision on who is telling the truthsomeone who uses false accusations, sensationalism and name-calling to sway you, or rather solid proof that what we say is based on real fact not hearsay evidence and falsehoods.

Stay tuned, Reader, we'll be back with lots more for the thinking person.

Maxwell Smart

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