State Employees Losing Voting Rights


I have been told by a very reliable source that the Republicans are going to push for state employees to no longer be able to get 1/2 day off to vote.

This is whether David Williams beats Steve Beshear to become Governor or as President of the State Senate.

The Republicans are expecting another historic low voter turnout, especially in Democrat heavy Franklin County, the home of thousands of state employees.

The low turnout helps Republicans because they are so heavily out-numbered.

We must get out in huge numbers to ensure we beat the dastardly anti-voter candidates like David Williams and support voter rights candidates like:

Alison Grimes for Secretary of State
Todd Hollenbach for Treasurer
Adam Edelen for Auditor
Robert "Bob" Farmer for Agriculture Commissioner.

The Republican candidate for Secretary of State wants to make it extremely hard for people to vote by requiring picture IDs to vote.

Its like a law looking for a crime. When was the last time a person was charged for impersonating someone while attempting to vote?

Read this article about how Republicans are making it extremely difficult for 5,000,000 Americans to vote. Enough to affect every election in America in 2004 and 2008.

So my fellow STATE EMPLOYEES, if you want to be able to leave work to vote... If you want to have the ability to easily vote...if you want to not have to drive all over your county and PAY (voter tax?) for a picture ID to vote you better get out and VOTE for Democrats.

The Republicans are being so restrictive, they will not even accept a Social Security Card as identification.

Now its up to you... Vote for a Democrat and you and your friends right to vote or vote for a party that wants to RESTRICT the ability of our young, old and poor to vote.

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