JOBS NOT CUTS Rally Sat Oct 15th


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Press Advisory For: October 15, 2011 Contact: Michael Mansfield at

Local Residents To Protest Outside Of the Old State Capital: Demand Jobs, Not Cuts

American Dream Movement Protest Saturday, October 15 at 1:00 PM At
300 West Broadway, Frankfort, Kentucky 40601

With Washington focused on debt reduction and not the jobs crisis, on October 15, local residents will gather at the Old State Capitol, 300 West Broadway, Frankfort, Kentucky, to demand jobs, not cuts.

Saturday's American Dream Movement protest is part of a nationwide campaign to shift the conversation away from deficit reduction, and towards addressing the real problem facing our community - the jobs crisis.

"Our community needs jobs, not more cuts," said Mike Mansfield, a local MoveOn member. "Washington couldn't be more out of touch. Why should we have our Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid cut just so corporations can get a free pass on paying their taxes? The folks in Washington need to get their act together, and start focusing on the jobs crisis that continues to wreak havoc in the Commonwealth of Kentucky."

The American Dream Movement protest will take place on Saturday, October 15 at 1 PM at the Old State Capitol, 300 West Broadway, Frankfort, Kentucky.

The protests being held are being organized by the new American Dream Movement. In July, over 800 rallies were held across the country to protest the final debt deal that fails to protect the middle class. The American Dream Movement is a growing movement inspired by protests in Wisconsin and fueled by the brutal right-wing attacks on the middle class and the poor., along with several organizations, have joined the American Dream Movement to fight to ensure that Americans have the opportunity to find a decent job, afford to go to college, and secure a future for our children and our communities.

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