Is global warming real?


Shocking News about Pollution, Global Warming and Climate Change Too Awful to Accept
Whoa! Climate change and global warming are in the news again!

Self-described "global warming skeptic" Berkeley physics professor Richard Muller recently completed a global temperature study and concluded that the Earth is warming.

Pollution, plant in Port Huron, MI
The amount of global warming gases sent into the atmosphere made an unprecedented jump from 2009-2010 - 6%, according to the US Department of Energy's latest world data on carbon emissions. "These results show that it will be harder to make the tough cuts to emissions if we are to head off a climate crisis," said John Abraham, professor at the University of St. Thomas School of Engineering in Minnesota. Gregg Marland, a professor of geology at Appalachian State University, called it a "monster increase," the biggest ever recorded and much more than the worst case scenario predicted by scientists four years ago.

So how much carbon is being pumped into the atmosphere? According to the data, over 3 trillion pounds of carbon. Every year.

One of the reports featured a poll. "Are you worried about climate change?" The poll results showed that 81% of the people who read the article said "No."

And why is that, if the problem is so grave?

The answer is simple. Not only do people not want to imagine such awful consequences, they simply can't. When faced with horrible realities, like death and disaster, they deny them, put them out of their minds.

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