Igniting Kentucky's Economy Forum Nov 19


In its seventh annual forum on November 19 in Frankfort's Capital Plaza Hotel, The Women's Network takes the wraps off the first findings of its Commonwealth Institute for Policy Issues and Civic Engagement - CPI for short.

Made more compelling by the grassroots demonstrations happening throughout the nation, the two reports address the changes in today's economic environment - changes that demand we rethink how government receives revenue and how business competes.

Don't miss this opportunity to gather and learn about issues that affect our economic well-being and quality of life, and even more, that of Kentucky's future generations. Cost of registration is $35.

First Paper - Tax Modernization for the 21st Century
Third world economies were vaulted into global competition by corporations seeking cheap labor and manufacturing jobs shifted away from the U.S. Ever more competition between states to replenish manufacturing jobs leads to creating incentives for companies. Yet our tax system drives along outdated roads. Is it time for restructuring? CPI studied this question, and its findings are discussed in a panel of state government and academic leaders.

Second Paper - Small Business and Economic Development
Is there a New State Economy model? In an atmosphere of declining agricultural and manufacturing business, do small service businesses and product co-ops fill the revenue creation gap? Should emphasis be shifted from keeping big business to facilitating small business? What makes sense for Kentucky? CPI researched Kentucky's economic situation. Their recommendations are discussed by a panel of government officials, business owners, and economic experts.

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