Still Think Trudi Johnson should be Board Member?


This has been going around for months. The folks on the Board of Directors at the Humane Society are a TRUE do-nothing board. They don't have the least bit of sense to get the ball rolling on any fundraisers, community service projects, or public works.
Ask Gary how many chances he's been given to give just the 'go ahead' to join the city Christmas Parade. None of them have said it's a go, or no-go. So we volunteers are left shaking our heads because even if the lazy folks on the board don't want to get out of their "Snuggies" to help, WE WILL!
Trudi has recently posted on her facebook that another surrounding shelter (Owen County) is the best place to adopt, volunteer, and donate. Maybe Trudi, if you think it is the best, you should go there and give your expert services. Maybe because Trudi ISN'T there, is why they are the best?

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