Even with the $40 Million in state incentives,


Even with the $40 Million in state incentives, still the Ark Park is having a problem raising money to finance the ARK PARK. jas

Sinking Ship?: Kentucky "Ark Park" Faces Funding Shortfalls, Delayed Groundbreaking

December 27, 2011 by Simon Brown in Wall of Separation |, KY

"Todd, we actually considered an official ground breaking earlier this month but too many complexities got in the way so we ended up putting it on hold until everything is worked out. Funding is progressing, a little slower due to the very slow economy."

Zovath also said in the email that there have been problems with permits and purchasing property, meaning it could take an additional three to four months before construction can begin. Nonetheless, Zovath optimistically predicted the park would open earlier than the planned spring 2014 opening.


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