What an awful programming decision


When the Plant Board is cutting back on the availability of local channels, and complaining about the rising costs of doing business, what in the name of Sam Hill are they doing adding Al Gore's completely ridiculous and irrelevant vanity channel, the "Current" network, to our local cable?
That network has fewer viewers than local cable shows about basket weaving, and has been the butt of more jokes than Roseanne Barr. It has practically had to pay to be included in the programming of major markets, so why are we wasting money on it?
The Plant Board can rest assured that I will NEVER pay for the premium cable package as long as the Goracle's foolishness is part of it. Way to go, guys! Tick off the people here by dropping a popular local TV channel from Louisville, then add the drivel of the "Current" network - there's some real smarts for you!

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