Sad Day


Sad Day
This is not the way I would like to have handled this situation. I wish I didn't have to waste everyone's time. But needless to say this is how it is being handled. I am also not nave to think anything will come from this meeting. But I will do my part and say my peace.
This is about all the Seniors and not just my Son, but I will try to only discuss my Son.
On September 13th,, 2011, my Son snapped his arm, almost in half, it was a severe double fracture. He did this playing soccer and giving his all for FHS. We had emergency surgery the next day, and received 2 eight inch stainless steel rods with 12 screws in his arm. He was devastated, I was devastated. He cried. I cried. It was upsetting. He was not upset because he was going to miss the rest of his soccer season, or miss his planned trip overseas to play in England. He was upset because he thought he would miss his Senior Basketball Season for FHS. He had worked all summer in the gym to improve. Soccer was not on his mind it was Basketball, his love. He worked in the gym almost every Sunday y on his own while recovering from his surgery. It was important to him. He had set a goal. He is not the most talented or most skilled player, but he will work hard and do his best. He is just that kind of young man.
He and his fellow Seniors deserved a better ending. A better opportunity to shine. Things obviously didn't go as planned in the district game, but that is okay, I frankly didn't expect a win. I am a realist. I did however did not expect our Coach to quit. At least they would get their moment. Their moment on the big floor to make FHS proud and their families proud. That moment was taken from them. Our Coach quit. An opportunity to fight back and make a game out of it. That moment too was taken from them. Our Coach quit. A chance for something special to happen, similar to the girls game against Woodford County, or similar to FCHS against us a month before. That moment also was taken from them. Our Coach quit. Our Coach quit by entering 8th graders into the game in the 3rd quarter. What was so important for 8th graders to play in such a special game? They weren't our starters, they obviously weren't our best chance to comeback and make a game out of it. So why? I think back to the practices that I attended all year, several in fact, more than half if I had to guess. I don't recall 8th graders there more than 10% of the time, if that. They were playing Middle School ball. Do they even know our offense? Well, I suppose that doesn't really matter. Our Coach quit.
Athletics are filled with sorrow, happiness, miracles, disappointments, successes, failures, and also moments. This game had all of those, well except for the moments. That was taken from our Seniors. Our coach quit.
My Son, who started every game this year, except one, (I think that is accurate), sat on the bench for the last 11 minutes of his high school career. Why? He has been a starter all year. Did he say something inappropriate to the coach? No. Did he say something to a referee? No. What is the answer? My response from the Coach, "I make decisions for what is best for the team". I have asked how this was best for THIS TEAM. No answer. That's why we are here.
Our Athletic Director states he supports and trust the Coach on this issue. I am not nave to think I would have gotten any different response. That is his job I suppose to support his Coaches. But how can this be defended by anyone? Our Coach quit. How can any administrator be okay with our Coach quitting? I thought, well maybe this is just me. Maybe I am the only one upset. Not hardly. I assure you I am not in the minority on this one. How can this be seen as anything else? How can this be supported by the administration? It was embarrassing on Tuesday night and it is embarrassing now. Even the coaches on the other team were asking, and I quote, "what was that?" I had no answer. No one does. Only Coach Yates has the answer, and he is not talking. He doesn't' owe anyone anything. It is his team I suppose. He surely does not have to answer a disgruntled parent, I suppose that is what I am, a disgruntled parent. They are a dime a dozen these days. Who cares, right? I am not here to critique playing time, or critique wins and losses. That is not what it is about. It is about our Coach quitting. It is about the respect the young men deserve for their time they have put in. I assure you I am not for equal results, but I am for equal opportunity. These kids deserved to be on that floor. Period. This is not the time to work on next year. This is not the time to sway parents to stay at FHS with hey look, my kid is playing. This is not the time for "dangling carrots". Period.
Maybe this is a good chance for a life lesson. Maybe I can spin this to my Son as a positive. Maybe I just need to say "Thank you Coach". I can tell my Son, hey sometimes you can do your best, do everything right, and somebody will just STICK IT TO YA. Get over it. Life is full of these events. Maybe that is how I will explain it to him.
Unfortunately, this cannot be repaired. We don't get a "do over". Hopefully, it won't happen again.
Hopefully next year Our Seniors will get their chance to have their moment. Win or Lose.
Before I put this issue behind us, can you answer how this was best for THIS TEAM?
It is a SAD DAY at FHS when the Coach quits on his team. A SAD DAY, indeed.
In good faith that somehow this will make a difference,
Sorry to have wasted your time,

Donald Perry
Disgruntled Parent at FHS

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