Is this the way we are going to be treated under this new trash program?

Last weekend I pulled an old boat cover off of my boat, 100% vinyl and aluminum grommets. It was ripped beyond repair so I placed it in the recycling can on Tuesday for pickup. When i came home and moved my cans back to the curb that afternoon i had a note stuck to the can saying it "wasn't recyclable",...OK even though commonsense tells you otherwise, I will resort to wasting a plastic bag and sending it to the "evil landfill" we have been told to reduce our use of.

Today in the mail i get a "violation notice" saying I am being "warned" that if I have not removed the item (they said it was a plastic bag) from the container within 5 days, they can send a sanitation worker to my home and remove the item, charging me $25.00 for the time and labor involved.

So now with these new $6.00 trash bags we also have a recycling cop, who does not know the difference between a trash bag and a vinyl tarp (which is 100% recyclable, and was made from 100% recycled materials). Not only that but they are going to send someone to my home to collect this item, and charge me $25.00 to take it away....when they could have just taken the item to begin with.

So how much money is now being wasted on this new and increasingly intrusive garbage system?

We have garbage men who instead of just picking up the trash and hauling it off, now have to inspect it to see if it can be hauled off = wasted man hours, idle time on vehicles, fuel costs.

A city employee who now has to take additional time out of their day from other more important duties to send out "violation notices" = wasted man hours, postage, paper, envelopes.

A recycling cop who has to determine what is and is not a VALID recycling item, and issues what amounts to "trash tickets".

The layers of bureaucracy this new trash collection system has added is a joke, and we were duped into supporting it.

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