Anyone else notice that?


Last night, there was a 4 minute lag between the time the tornado warning was issued and the time that the sirens went off...
The weather radio went off, we went to the basement, and thought it was odd that the sirens weren't going off. A good 4 minutes passed before we heard them.

I can't help but wonder what would've happened if there had been an actual tornado. There are a lot of people who (foolishly and wrongly) depend on the sirens when severe weather hits. Because the warning came out when the storm was basically on top of us, that 4 minutes might have made the difference between life and death.
My wife has an app on her phone from LEX18 that is supposed to alert her. It didn't go off last night, either.
Not sure if the two are related or not...

I don't know if the siren issue was only where I live (in the Peaks Mill area) or if it was county-wide, but I hope it gets addressed before the next round of storms.

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