what you do now will affect your future.


Every semester you can guarantee that you'll hear a conversation about refund checks. As a college student I'm writing this to inform my peers a refund check is not always a positive thing. You get millions of students each year who get these refund checks back and drop out or spend it on materialistic items which mean they have nothing to show for it for long. Here is an example that happens regularly: You receive a 1000 dollar loan for a semester that only costs 600 so you get the 400 dollars back in the refund check but you still have to pay the entire 1000 back. Once you cash your check the government doesn't know where it goes. Most students run straight to the mall forgetting that they need to save that money so they don't end up in debt before they can even graduate. College expenses will catch up to you, I've seen it first-hand. As being apart of Kentucky State University student body i want to make this issue big enough to reach any and every university in Kentucky because it happens everywhere and nobody wants to graduate with debt. Save your money in an account because these loans will catch up to you. what you do now will affect your future a great deal.

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