Innovation Brain Day, May 18, 2012


"The purpose of this day
is to ANNOY
and even AFFLICT."

So reads one side of the "Kids Grow Kentucky" ( guideline page, introducing a unique - - possibly first-of-its-kind in the nation - - "right-brain" stimulation program. Devised by Dr. Dennis R. Rader, Frankfort, the program aims at getting students (and teachers!) not only to think outside the box, but to get them to do so, outside!

Seniors from Frankfort High School (Independent) came to the Josephine Sculpture Park, off Old Lawrenceburg Rd, Frankfort, and found themselves subjected to devious exercises, involving some physical and a lot of mental strength!

After being randomly separated into teams, the students had to come up with a "clever" name for their team, for which they were awarded points. Then, they were given a list of hints to find "Golden Eggs of Opportunity", in which they had to search the 18-acre park for plastic eggs hidden among the sculptures, with points awarded for each egg found, and a bonus for finding a special egg. After a brief rest period, the students were allowed to select from over twenty stations, in which they were subjected to strange, and not always easy, mind-bending, thought-inducing tasks, the EASIEST of which included the likes of, "How many ways can you think of to stop a fish from smelling?", and "Find the truck hidden in the page of photos" (the catch? there is no 'truck'!!! Or . . . is there?), and having to deal with the "Mad Queen's Croquet Course" (pink flamingos included!), and "Get a ping-pong ball from the bottom of an upright pipe without touching the pipe"!

Sound simple?
As long as you're not the one having to do the tasks!!!
And you haven't even heard the harder tasks!
(and I'm not going to tell you!!!)

As with any unique program, there were some glitches, but most of the volunteers and students were up to the challenge; a few students even enjoyed the three-hour outing under a cloudless sky, with some even getting the "point", as points were awarded for the best answers (for the most part, there were no "correct" answers), with the winning team receiving a free canoe trip on the Elkhorn, courtesy of "Canoe Kentucky"!

Photos from the event are at

Sponsors for the event:
* Frankfort Independent Schools
* Josephine Sculpture Park - - Melanie VanHouten, Dir.
* Frankfort Parks & Recreation - - Jim Parrish

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