Frankfort Police: Buying Toy Cars...With our tax dollars?

Marketing Director Published:

This was released on Facebook earlier today.

My question is, where did the initial funding come from to purchase these toys? How many were purchased? What is the profit return going to be? When was the City Commission open meeting and vote held to approve this purchase?

I am not saying this is a bad thing,...but am I the only one who didn't know our tax dollars (if they were in fact our tax dollars) were going to be spent to purchase toy cars for resale?

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  • Why does it bother you so much? They might have done this to give to small children to draw them to law enforcement and a way to make friends with a police officer. I think it's a great idea.

  • A good place to do a little fact finding is right here. I see nothing wrong with questions being asked. Thats all they were! It is somewhat good that Dennis replied but he did exactly what he accused M.D. of doing & that is make assumptions.

  • Thanks for the explanation, Dennis. I assumed that was the case (that no public dollars were spent). I see no problem with producing these models, and highly doubt that their sale will allow more crimes to go unnoticed (as M_D implies).

  • The officers in our community deserve our respect. They are risking their lives everyday to protect all of us. I think the collectable cars are fun to look at, and a sorce of pride for those heros who drive around in the real things. That being said; calling such things into question is our duty as citizens. i think the post by Dennis has cleared up any concerns i had. Be safe out there officers, many of us pray for your safty.

  • one more thing,.....our PD officers are now "outside salesmen" for Diecast Direct: Frankfort Police Department - "You can order them from Diecast Direct. The PD guys have order forms but anyone can buy them!!" So Frankfort if you want a toy car, just stop a FPD officer and ask him/her for an order form......they can be helping you out with that while a drug deal goes down, or a speeder runs a red light.

  • So when a citizen asks a "question", it is ignorant and accusatory? VS wanting to be informed and expecting fiscal responsibility.... Good to know you respect the concerns of the people you want to buy them. Which will be a good reason why I won't be one of them.

  • It's unfortunate that this was posted in such an accusatory, negative manner because all the questions are assumptions totally without substance. Neither the city or police department funded these. They were done with permission of the police chief by Diecast Direct Inc. here in Frankfort at absolutely no cost to the city. These are part of a series of police car models being done by our company. These are not Toys as the poster maintains. They are high quality, adult collectibles. Normally, we do only large departments but since Frankfort is also our hometown and that officers and others take pride in having models of their cruisers made we did these to showcase the new colors and markings of the F.P.D. A little fact finding first would have revealed that the assertion that these were done with tax dollars was completely false. But people no longer ask questions before posting negative comments they make assumptions out of ignorance.The Lexington P.D. and LMPD are also being produced. Models are available from: Dennis Deal Product Development Manager Diecast Direct, Inc. Frankfort Ky.

  • Good questions! I can't wait to get some good answers also.